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Robin Krueger

Robin Krueger portrait
Art Teacher
Olson Elementary
(952) 806-8827

Hello! My name is Ms. Krueger. I have been the Art Specialist at Olson Elementary since Fall of 2001.  I have a degree in Art Education obtained through Minnesota State University of Moorhead and a Master Degree in Art of Education obtained through Saint Mary's University, Minneapolis. My passions have always been related to the arts and working with children. Through my education, I am fortunate to have a wide range of knowledge and skills working with children and exploring opportunities for creative success!

I am looking forward to next school year, have a wonderful summer!

Class Name Periods
G106-AR 1186 Art Gr 1
G106-AR 1196 Art Gr 1
G106-AR 1206 Art Gr 1
G106-AR 1216 Art Gr 1
G206-AR 1086 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 1096 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 1106 Art Gr 2
G206-AR 1116 Art Gr 2
G306-AR 3006 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 3016 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 3036 Art Gr 3
G306-AR 3046 Art Gr 3
G406-AR 3076 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 3086 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 3106 Art Gr 4
G406-AR 3116 Art Gr 4
G506-AR 1125 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 1136 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 1146 Art Gr 5
G506-AR 1156 Art Gr 5
KG06-AR 1026 Art Gr K ART
KG06-AR 1036 Art Gr K ART
KG06-AR 1046 Art Gr K ART
KG06-AR 1056 Art Gr K ART
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