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Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold portrait
Music Specialist
Olson Elementary
(952) 806-8868

I believe that music plays an important role in the development of children and strive to create a fun and dynamic learning environment in my classroom. Students in my class will learn to sing, speak, move, and play instruments though exploring, imitating, creating, and improvising. I am beginning my 17th year at Olson and have a masters degree in music education with an emphasis in Orff-Schulwerk. I have two boys Leo, 9 yrs old, and Gus, who is 5.

Class Name Periods
G108-MU 1188 Music Gr 1
G108-MU 1198 Music Gr 1
G108-MU 1208 Music Gr 1
G108-MU 1218 Music Gr 1
G208-MU 1088 Music Gr 2
G208-MU 1098 Music Gr 2
G208-MU 1108 Music Gr 2
G208-MU 1118 Music Gr 2
G308-MU 3008 Music Gr 3
G308-MU 3018 Music Gr 3
G308-MU 3038 Music Gr 3
G308-MU 3048 Music Gr 3
G408-MU 3078 Music Gr 4
G408-MU 3088 Music Gr 4
G408-MU 3108 Music Gr 4
G408-MU 3118 Music Gr 4
G508-MU 1128 Music Gr 5
G508-MU 1138 Music Gr 5
G508-MU 1148 Music Gr 5
G508-MU 1158 Music Gr 5
KG08-MU 1028 Music Gr K MUSIC
KG08-MU 1038 Music Gr K MUSIC
KG08-MU 1048 Music Gr K MUSIC
KG08-MU 1058 Music Gr K MUSIC
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